iPod Reviews

River Crossing
I think that this game is very fun. the object of the game is to try to get a chicken, chicken feed, and a fox across the river. It really makes you use your head. I don't think that it could be a life situations.

BearBrain 2
I love this game. I think that this game is helpful because it helps you to do math quicker because you're timed. It is also fun because you don't have to type in the numbers you want. On the game they have different nnumber choices that you can choose from to make the equation on the bottom of the screen. I think that this game can help you in life when you go shopping for clothes, grocies and other things when you have only a certain amount of money to spend.

This game is a way to learn math in a really fun way. You can choose between ttimes tables, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and suprise me. Then you get facts from all these and can choose easy, medium, hard and insane as levels. Then you can choose how many question you do and then you can play. It sort of like hangman, but you are doing math.

This game is so much fun. What you do is you start a game and you can start or go to prefs in the right hand corner. when you get there you can choose the number of cards you want to use. then you can choose of you want to do multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction and if you want sound. then you press Mathtraption and start and when you're done you will get a grade on how well you did in that math and it will tell you which ones you have gotten wrong, but won't keep track of the ones you have gotten right or wrong.

Twenty four
In this game you have tp make the number 24 using the numbers given to you. You can try to get the number by adding, subtracting, multiping, and dividing. once you get that question right you will move on to the next question and there are only 4 questions.

This game is sort of like brainbear 2 but you have to find the sum of the number in 5 numbers instead of 2. You get a variate of numbers on the board and you try to find a way the make the sum given out of the numbers you have.

Scramble 2
This game is about trying to find wods within a bunch of letters kind of like boogle. What you do is you play the game and you try to find words like airplane, fun, kind, and goose. It's a pretty easy game to play and you can have 2 different boards like 4x4 or 5x5.

This game some people have probably played before on a board, but probably not on an ipod touch. If you hav'e played this game then you don't need to know the instrutions on how to play. The way you play (for people who want to know) is you try to find words with the 7 letters you have and try to put them on the board connecting to another letter on the board. This rule doesn't relate to the beginning where you put a word on the star you have to start on.

Tap Tap Revenge 2
Have you ever played guitar hero. I haven't, but the game Tap Tap Revenge is basicly the same thing, but it's on a touch. What you do is you touch the screen on these circles when these dots come up and you try to get a perfect score.

Picture Lite
In this game you are trying to find the place where the picture that comes up on the screen lives. Like for example: Eiffel tower is in Paris, France. And that is how you play the game. It's very easy.